Jai Dev Singh, Ram Awtar Yadav


With the continuous advancements in the information and communication technology (ICT) increasing penetration of the smartphones, laptops and desktops in every part of the world, the usage of these devices have increased many folds in the past few years. Even in the developing countries like India, the purchasing power of the people has increased tremendously in the last one decade or so as a result of which smartphones and computers have reached every section of the society living in both urban and rural areas.

According to a Mary Meeker survey report, India has the third largest smartphones users in the world after China and USA. The report further goes on to mention that the number of smartphone users in the country would go up by 45 per cent in 2014. According to the estimation of the survey, in 2013, India had 117 million smartphone users.

With relentless increase in the number of users of these tools, various studies suggest, various health complications too have emerged among the users raising a serious cause of concern. These studies have outlined several health-related issues like increasing stress among the users, sleeplessness, back-pain, cervical problems, obesity, phone sickness, allergies, wrist-pain, memory loss, hearing problems etc.   

This paper would attempt to study these health-related complications among the smartphones users owing to its excessive usage. The method adopted to study the consequences of the smartphones on health here is content analysis so that a comprehensive data could be studied to reach a meaningful and logical conclusion. 


Smartphones, health problems, health, internet, social media, smartphone users.

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